Review #97: Master of Puppets, Metallica

Karla Clifton
2 min readJun 4, 2021

#97: Master of Puppets, Metallica

To continue with the morbid trend of pointing out who died in all of these bands, Clif Burton, Metallica’s bassist, died at 24 the same year this album came out, according to the RS blurb.

I wouldn’t exactly identify as a Metallica fan, but I have listened to all of the Metallica albums at one point because I thought it was a prerequisite for being a rock music fan and also definitely thought that Metallica invented metal.

I’ve never noticed the red hands at the top of the album cover that are manipulating the strings on the graves. Do you think they’re going to raise all those dead people, or what?

In fact, this image may conjure up visions of a certain zombie romance novel by yours truly. Just imagine that beneath each one of those white crosses is a dead rock star.

My poor boyfriend, who likes gospel-inspired rap and jazz music, somehow always is around when I’m reviewing Metallica or The Stooges. I’m hoping that a Stockholm Syndrome-type thing will happen and one day I’ll walk in and he’s listening to “Enter Sandman.”


“Battery” — The truth is I want all music to sound like this. POUNDING OUT AGGRESSION/ TURNS INTO TO OBSESSION/ CANNOT STOP THE BAT! TER! Y!

“Master of Puppets” — The first time I listened to this I kept hearing the first few songs several times, then leaving my room to clean or something. It was awesome because I got to hear this song 3 times.

“The Thing That Should Not Be” — When Metallica gets all emo like this I like to imagine they’re singing about something really silly. The Thing That Should Not Be = The pile of dog vomit in the middle of Lars Ulrich’s living room.

“Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” — I think this is actually the best song. Metallica is angry music for sad people.

“Dispensable Heroes” You will die when I say you must die. Metal is fun.

“Leper Messiah” — Enough said, I think.

“Orion” — This could be a Pink Floyd song.

“Damage, Inc.”Sha-shabada-shabada/ Feel! Good! Wait, that’s wrong.


Is it predictable of me to say None?


Look, Metallica killed Napster, and if that hasn’t earned them a spot in the annals of rock and roll history then I don’t know what does.

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