Review #92: Axis: Bold as Love, The Jimi Hendrix Experience

#92: Axis: Bold as Love, The Jimi Hendrix Experience

This is the third and final Jimi Hendrix Experience album on the list, but it’s Hendrix’s sophomore album. He only ever made three before dying at 27, just three years after Axis came out.

This brings me to one extremely not-fun side effect of listening to all these legendary albums, which is having to think about how many artists that I really love died when they were my age. If you don’t know what the 27 Club is, it’s just a collection of famous people, mostly musicians, that died when they were 27.

And guess what? This list is FULL of 27 Club musicians. So far, we’ve encountered five different bands/artists that had a member die at age 27, usually in a tragic way: Nirvana (Kurt Cobain, d. 1994), the Rolling Stones (Brian Jones, d. 1962), Amy Winehouse (d. 2011), the Doors (Jim Morrison, d. 1971), and Jimi Hendrix (d. 1970). Those aren’t the only ones by a long shot, though.

There is definitely a cult of death around rock stars, and sometimes I wonder how healthy it is. Over the course of these album reviews, I will solve the problem of deaths of despair in the music business.

Just kidding, but wouldn’t it be nice?


“Exp” — This song made me believe in aliens.

“Up From The Skies” — I love the wowwowwow guitar.

“Spanish Castle Magic” — This is so metal.

“Wait Until Tomorrow” — It’s always nice to have a cheerful song.

“Little Wing” — Best song on this album by a lot, really genuinely moving.

“If 6 Was 9” — He’s gonna let his freak flag fly!

“You Got Me Floating” — Oh, listen closely! You can hear the other members of his band in the distance.

“Castles Made of Sand” — “What’s that word for…when you make like a miniature house, er, castle…on the beach? With the sand? Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“She’s So Fine” — That’s Noel Redding, the Experience’s bassist, singing. I love when Jimi shares the spotlight.

“One Rainy Wish” — This one has the most beautiful lyrics. Golden rose/ The color of a dream I had.

“Bold As Love” — He said the title of the album!


“Little Miss Lover” — Eh.


I just don’t think this album is as good as his other two, so in its place, I submit the Toadies’ Rubberneck, which I can only describe as hillbilly horror. Also, they’re all still alive.

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