Review #202: Homogenic, Bjork

Karla Clifton
3 min readNov 22, 2021

#202: Homogenic, Bjork

Several Halloweens ago, I went as Bjork’s character from Dancer In The Dark, and I think it was actually the best I’ve ever looked. I wish having your hair in a million little bobby pins was chic and easy to do.

Learning to love Bjork changed how I listened to music. Prior to loving Bjork, I was not very open to abstract music that relied heavily on strings and love poems. Fortunately, I made friends with someone who loves pop music, and found myself immediately enchanted by the weirdest artists the genre had to offer. Bjork has such a unique, wild voice, yet it’s so accomplished and gorgeous. And nothing about her is expected, including her fascinating instrumentation.

Hey, here’s something awful I learned that I didn’t know before while I researched this one: Bjork had a stalker who killed himself while she was recording this album. He shot himself, but first, he mailed Bjork a bomb in an attempt to kill her, too. She said of the experience: “I was very upset that somebody had died. I couldn’t sleep for a week.”

He left hundreds of hours of video diaries outlining his obsession with her, too. I can’t imagine having to go through that.


“Hunter” I thought I could organize freedom/How Scandinavian of me. Bjork, this whole album is so Scandinavian of you.

“Joga” — The massive string part coupled with Bjork’s insistence that this is a state of emergency make this one feel so urgent. Fun fact, it’s named after Bjork’s best friend! Also, this is one of two songs on the album with lyrics written by another one of Bjork’s friend, the Icelandic poet Sjon. (He actually performed with Bjork’s band the Sugarcubes as a guest vocalis previously. Thanks to Björk’s Joyous Tunes for correcting me!)

“Unravel” — I love how committed she is to the deep, jagged breaths on this one.

“Bachelorette” — Originally written for a movie that never materialized. This music video reminded me of a wilder, more artistic version of that new T. Swift video for “All Too Well,” because, well, book motifs.

“All Neon Like” — Love the way she totally mispronounces “luminous.” Also, I didn’t know I needed Bjork to softly sing in my ears “Don’t get angry with yourself.”

“5 Years” — The melody on this one is so much lower than the rest of them! I’m so bored of cowards too.

“Immature” How/could/I/be/so immature? So bouncy and strange.

“Alarm Call” — These layered voices are so ethereal, I’m a f***ing Buddhist/This is enlightenment.

“Pluto” — I love how the track listing switches from gorgeous to terrifying. Bjork has said that she wrote this song with heavy metal in mind. That tracks.

“All Is Full of Love” — Obsessed with this music video where two robots make out.


I know I’ve been doing this too much lately, but I just don’t have any least favorite songs! I want to go to a party where they just play this album over and over.


At first I was a little shocked that this was RS’s choice for the top Bjork album, since Post and Debut are both so accessible and amazing. But this is Bjork’s crowning artistic achievement. That said, I’m really excited to get to #289.

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