Review #89: Baduizm, Erykah Badu

Karla Clifton
3 min readMay 24, 2021

#89: Baduizm, Erykah Badu

My first encounter with Erykah Badu was in an RS interview for her 2010 album New Amerykah Part Two. She was the first musician I ever thought was maybe crazy AND brilliant. (The second of course being Tom Delonge.)

Erykah Badu has a reason for absolutely everything she does. For instance, the reason she changed her name from Erica to Erykah is because she thought Erica was a “slave name,” and “kah” means “one’s inner self.” Also, “Badu” is a Ghanan term for a tenth-born child. I love listening to Erykah Badu’s music but I would also love to just listen to her talk about herself for hours.

I think I tried listening to NAPT but at the time it was beyond me. But after hearing her all over Outkast’s albums, I was excited to give her another try.

I LOVED it. These songs have been stuck in my head for months.


“Rim Shot — Intro” — For those who don’t know, a rim shot is when the drummer hits the metal edge and the skin of a drum at the same time. I definitely thought it was a basketball thing.

“On & On” — Her voice is so smooth. Love the Socrates reference: The man that knows something/ Knows that he knows nothing at all.

“Appletree” — Oh my gosh the intro to this song is so corny it made me blush and I loved it.

“Other Side Of The Game” — Andre 3000 (of Outkast) is in the music video! Also the video switches to “Rim Shot” in the middle, then BACK to “Other Side,” because Erykah Badu does not adhere to our rules. Their music video apartment is so cool and massive, sigh.

“Sometimes — Mix #9” — She has a remix of one of the songs on this album before the actual song! That’s very punk rock.

“Next Lifetime” — I know this one has sketchy morality, but I think it’s just so catchy. Also, I love the idea that someone approached Erykah Badu at a party and she said, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend, but maybe in our next lifetime we can be butterflies and flit around together?”

“Afro — Freestyle Skit” — She’s so charming in this, she and her band sound like they’re really having fun. You said you was gonna take me to see Wu-Tang, baby.

“Certainly” — I like Erykah Badu’s love songs because they’re simple and also a little snarky.

“4-Leaf Clover”To catch me is to catch a leprechaun. Delightful.

“Drama” — Love all these harmonies, is that all her?

“Sometimes” — Oh but the full version of this is amazing! Sometimes/ I think that I’m going mad/ Sometimes/ I do.

“Certainly — Flipped It” — I’m not really sure how she “flipped it,” but it was fun to listen to this song again.

“Rim Shot — Outro” — She’s just so cool.


“No Love” — I didn’t exactly dislike this one, it was just my least favorite.


I had no idea this was her debut album! Erykah Badu has earned this spot.

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