Review #79: Blonde, Frank Ocean

Karla Clifton
3 min readMay 12, 2021

#79: Blonde, Frank Ocean

Before saying that I misspelled this album’s title, I didn’t. The short answer to this is that Frank Ocean is Mr. Multiple Versions and released this with and without the (e) at the end on different platforms. If you want the long answer, go ask someone who’s paid to write about it.

My brother introduced me to Frank Ocean, and since I can’t have him knowing things I don’t know, I looked him up. Then I listened to Frank Ocean so much that it messed with my Spotify recommendations for like a year and a half. But it’s been like two years since that happened, and I was so busy learning Jewel songs that I had no time for him. It was fun to dive back in! Well, “fun” in the same way that it was fun to live and then write Marley & Me.

(This album is very sad.)


“Nikes” On that white like Othello. Haha, perfect for the wide demographic of people that have read Shakespeare’s Othello and do cocaine. Beautiful song though!

“Ivy” — I love singing along to this.

“Pink + White” — I think this is probably the best song on the album, but it’s not my favorite. All those colors, very beautiful.

“Be Yourself” — This one cracks me up. It’s just a recording of a voicemail from his mom talking about how drugs are bad.

“Solo” — This is my favorite by far. I like Lorde’s cover of it!

“Skyline To” — I always like to listen to this one in the context of the whole album, but I wouldn’t put it on a playlist, know what I mean?

“Self-Control” — Is this the most melancholy album of all time? Oh man, when he goes I’ll sleep between you/it’s nothiiiing… Who hurt you, Frank Ocean?!

“Good Guy” — His runs are so so good, this song is so so great.

“Nights” — I used to work a job with a night shift and I promise you it’s not nearly this cool.

“Pretty Sweet” — I don’t like the children’s choir here but I won’t pretend it’s not effective.

“Facebook Story” — Lol.

“Close To You” — This effect on his voice is so cool.

“White Ferrari” — Why is this one the saddest on this already sad album?

“Godspeed” — Oh I love the ambient noise and pianos. Also that soloist at the end with the harp is insane!

“Futura Free” — Okay, the secret track at the end of this album is really sweet and I always listen to the whole thing. “Do you have any secret talents?” Awww.


“Solo (Reprise)” — Here’s the thing: this is the only song on this album that I didn’t like. I was like, “Who IS this guy?” I had NO IDEA it was Andre 3000! Of Outkast! I was so upset and ashamed with myself that I listened to it five times in a row and brainwashed myself into loving it.


I don’t know, should it be higher? What do you think, could we maybe knock a Beatles album down to get Blonde in the Top 50? My thoughts are maybe.

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