Review #77: Who’s Next, The Who

Karla Clifton
2 min readMay 6, 2021

#77: Who’s Next, The Who

The Who is a gift, and not just for their incredible cameo on The Simpsons. “Play ‘Magic Bus!’” (On The Who’s album The Who On Tour, which is NOT on the 500 list.)

Just look at this album cover. I love it. It looks like they asked one of their younger sisters to Photoshop them standing around Stonehenge, and the sister just pasted them all in front of a big piece of concrete. I couldn’t tell that they were supposed to have PEED on the concrete until I started researching. Those aren’t supposed to be their shadows; they are pee stains.

According to the RS blurb, this album was built from the ashes of Pete Townsend’s abandoned Lifehouse project. Basically, Pete Townsend was scared to release a follow-up to Tommy (#190). Lucky for him he succeeded. Even though “Pinball Wizard” is a great song, “Baba O’Riley” is a better one.


“Baba O’Riley” — Yes yes yes, this is one of the best rock songs ever. What else is there to say about it? Oh wait! Hot take: The Who is 1970s Green Day, and “Baba O’Riley” is this album’s “Jesus of Suburbia.” They just love their concept albums.

“Bargain” — This is secretly the best song on this album.

“Love Ain’t for Keeping” — I love when The Who is pretty.

“Getting In Tune” — I was surprised that I recognized this one!

“Going Mobile” — “Hi, I’m Pete Townsend, and I’m gonna pee on every concrete slab in England.”

“Behind Blue Eyes” — Here’s the thing: I think the chorus on this song is gorgeous (My dreams, they aren’t as empty/ As my conscience seems to be), but the verses have such cheesy lyrics (No one knows what it’s like/ To be the sad man). But I guess the words aren’t always the point.

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” — Another 9-minute long song that could be 50 minutes and I would be just as happy. I know I sure won’t get fooled again!


“The Song Is Over” — I love how theatrical this is, but it just goes too slow for too long.


I think this is one of those cases where one song justifies the whole album, and it’s the song that ISN’T called “Teenage Wasteland.”

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