Review #36: Off The Wall, Michael Jackson

Karla Clifton
2 min readFeb 16, 2021


#36: Off The Wall, Michael Jackson

Gosh, it’s no fun to be a music critic. Every time I jam to a Michael Jackson song I have to feel bad about it.

As long as we’re forced to reckon with Michael Jackson and the unhappy reality of his life, we might as well remember that Jackson was once a child star with an abusive father. Not that this excuses any of his (alleged) crimes, or makes his music any better. It’s just a cruel, bleak world, is my point, I guess.

But if you can get past all that, this album is bopping. It’s, dare I say, off the wall. (Look, I’m doing my best here.)


“Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” — Killer voice, can’t deny that.

“Rock With You” — This song is weird, right? But I dig it.

“Workin’ Day and Night” — Aw yeah, I love when he does his wild vocalizations.

“Get On The Floor” — So disco!

“Off The Wall” — This album makes me wish I was partying in the 80s, when Michael Jackson was so much cooler and everything else was so much worse. I’m living my life off the wall!

“Burn This Disco Out” Keep the boogie alright! This one is my favorite. I love backup singers with really deep voices.


“Girlfriend” — Nope nope nope. Too sappy, weird lyrics.

“She’s Out of My Life” — Oh my gosh when his voice cracks and he breaks down crying my whole face went numb. That makes me so angry and embarrassed. There is NO crying in the studio! His voice is beautiful but this song is slow and I hate it.

“I Can’t Help It” — This one drives me nuts for some reason. That backup singer who isn’t harmonizing with him does not sound great. It feels like MJ wanted to humiliate someone on the sound crew.


Again we are faced with two options:

  1. Off The Wall jams and it is the 36th best album of all time.

2. Michael Jackson sucked and the 36th best album of all time is Whack World by Tierra Whack.

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