Review #242: Loaded, The Velvet Underground

Karla Clifton
2 min readFeb 23, 2022

#242: Loaded, The Velvet Underground

Everyone’s always talking about how great the stupid banana record (#23) is, and yeah, I get it, you love Andy Warhol, but I think this is the hardest line I have to take so far. I can forgive a lot of musical sins, but that one is sort of unforgivable. If you can’t admit that Loaded is their best record, I can’t take you seriously.

Yes, I say that because of its two best songs. “Sweet Jane” is the most charming song ever written; it’s like an optimistic riff on “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction. (I must have repressed that wild introduction, though.) “Rock And Roll” is one of those songs that sticks to your personality if you hear it when you are young. You know, her life was saved by rock and rolluh. How can a teenager not internalize that?

Lou Reed also performs the heartrending “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’” and the somewhat forgettable “Train Round the Bend.” Songs that WEREN’T sung by Lou Reed made me sad and annoyed, namely “Cool It Down,” which sounds like the Lumineers. That said, whoever is singing on “Head Held High” is doing a great Mick Jagger impression.

The Underground gives off Beatles vibes, particularly on “Who Loves the Sun,” which resembles Revolver (#11) in that it sounds like its creators made it on acid. Is that someone coughing in the background? And “Lonesome Cowboy Bill” gave me strong “Rocky Raccoon” from the White Album (#29) vibes. “I Found A Reason” is a British-lullaby.

Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, and Sterling Morrison all left the band for various reasons shortly after this, so it’s the last proper Velvet Underground record, though it’s not their last appearance on this list.

Song I Recognized From the Movie Juno: “I’m Sticking With You.” (Kind of cheating, since it’s an outtake.)

Silly Joke About “New Age”: If you replace jewels of glory with Uncut Gems, it’s a love song from me to Adam Sandler.

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