Review #220: deja vu, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Karla Clifton
2 min readJan 3, 2022

#220: deja vu, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner has said that the first supergroup was Cream, which is fair: Cream formed in 1966 and included members of three different rock bands. (Though to be honest, I pretty much think of it as Eric Clapton’s band.) And in fact, CSNY is sort of a fake supergroup, in that S and Y were actually in Buffalo Springfield together first.

Nevertheless, you know that you don’t think about rock supergroups without thinking of CSNY first. Probably because their names are the name of the band. (Minus Dallas Taylor & Greg Reeves, who made the cover but not the band, I guess.) CSNY: Marketing geniuses.

CSN first appeared at #161 with their self-titled debut, where I was simply struck by how lovely their harmonies were.

I noticed that there were more “solo” songs on this one than on their last record (as in, solo vocals). But their harmonies are still perfectly on-pitch, when they’re present.


“Carry On”Rejoice/We have no choice. Sometimes I’m surprised when I hear a song I’ve heard before. I’m used to being uninformed.

“Teach Your Children” — Written by Nash. The lyrics reminded me a little bit of one of those Pass It On ads, but it’s still good.

“Almost Cut My Hair” — Appealed to the blink-182 fan in me. Crosby said this song had “the most juvenile set of lyrics I’ve ever written.” I agree in the best way.

“Helpless” — I like that they were “Helplessly Hoping” on their debut, and now they’re just “helpless”. It’s funny how Neil Young’s voice just sets all of his songs apart. He does not have, shall we say, a blending choir tone.

“Woodstock” — Isn’t this kind of like writing a song about the Fyre Festival?

“Deja Vu” — I love when rock stars scat!

“4 + 20” — Excuse me for thinking this was about weed at first. Instead, I was surprised by probably the prettiest song on the album. Stephen Stills is singing, and his voice sounds like a very thin, silken thread.

“Everybody I Love You” — I love that their final song is a combo of spot-on harmonies and solo vocalizations.


“Our House” — Everything about this song — the piano, the chorus, the Lalalalas — makes me think of The Stepford Wives.

“Country Girl” — Drags a bit. Sorry, Neil!


I think that CSN is marginally superior to CSNY, and I hope Neil Young’s feelings are hurt by that.

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