Review #196: Body Talk, Robyn

Karla Clifton
3 min readNov 8, 2021

#196: Body Talk, Robyn

The RS list is officially beginning to branch out. This is the first modern electro-dance-pop album listed — yes, there are more. Classic rock still dominates, though, for better or worse.

Robyn released this in 2010, making it one of the more recent albums to appear as well. In fact, Robyn released this as a “trilogy,” putting out Body Talk Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 first. This album is kind of a “Greatest Hits” of both of those albums, with some additions. You have to appreciate the ambition.

I’m not gonna pretend I’m some huge electro-pop fan, but this album is so damn catchy. I have no memory of listening to this one the first time around, but when I listened to it the second time, I somehow knew all the words to all the choruses. And not just “Dancing On My Own,” which had embedded itself in my subconscious a long time before this. (I was honestly shocked that this song was over ten years old. Sunrise, sunset…)

If you don’t like dance pop music, you’re not going to enjoy this, it’s as simple as that. But it’s going to burrow itself into your brain anyway.


“Dancing On My Own” — When we welcome aliens to Planet Earth, I want this to be the first song we play to them. Can’t explain it, just feels right.

“Don’t F***ing Tell Me What To Do” — I’m worried about Robyn — it sounds like there are too many quantities in her life that are killing her. But don’t f***ing tell her what to do!

“Indestructible” I let the bad ones in and the good ones go. Tale as old as time.

“Love Kills” — Ooh, a minor key! Also, I’m 99% sure that Protect yourself/’Cause you’ll wreck yourself is an Ice Cube reference.

“Hang With Me” — Nearly as catchy as “Dancing,” and that’s saying something. The first album in the trilogy includes an acoustic version of this!

“Call Your Girlfriend” — Robyn, you homewrecker! It won’t make sense right now but you’re still her friend. I hope this guy’s girlfriend has enough self-respect to never talk to him again.

“None Of Dem” — With Swedish electro-pop duo Röyksopp. Man, electro-pop must really run the economy over there. Points for writing a fun song about how everything is boring.

“U Should Know Better”Snoop Dogg making a delightful appearance on this speedy song. Even the French know better than to f*** with me.

“Get Myself Together” — Love that she sings about her mom, dad, and brother in this one. Also, Robyn is the queen of choruses. I got/Got to get myself together. Get got, Robyn!

“In My Eyes” — Haha, does she shout-out her own record label at the beginning of this song? Can’t knock the hustle!

“Stars 4-Ever” — Can I also say that I love the production on this album? There’s a dinky little keyboard on every single song, and it’s perfect.


“Fembot” — Personal preference: I hate songs that sound like they were recorded by robots. I get that that’s the point here, but it doesn’t stop it from sending shivers up and down my spine.

“We Dance To The Beat” — Okay, this one is just pretentious. “We dance to the beat of your brain not evolving fast enough”? Give me a break.


Since we’re on the subject, why is ABBA more than 100 spots lower than this? If I had to choose a Swedish pop outfit with the most cultural capital, I would choose ABBA over Robyn every time.

No shade to Robyn, though! I’m merely suggesting that #303, ABBA’s The Definitive Collection, switch places with this one. I know that’s a Greatest Hits, but technically so is this one. And it doesn’t have “Take A Chance On Me” on it.

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