Review #146: Parallel Lines, Blondie

Karla Clifton
2 min readAug 7, 2021

#146: Parallel Lines, Blondie

Debbie Harry is a consummate badass. My former roommate read her book, Face It: A Memoir. Apparently, it’s just tales of Debbie Harry doing badass things, told in a nonchalant way.

For instance, she was once raped, but according to her, the worst thing about it was the fact that her rapist stole all of her guitars. Well, that is a horrible story all around.

I wanted to love Blondie, because they have some really amazing songs on this album, but I found myself not as excited about their brand of punk as I wanted to be. Maybe they’re just ever-so-slightly too keyboardy for me. Oh well.

I do love this album cover! My favorite part is how Debbie Harry is the only one deadpan, and the rest of them have big stupid grins. Just pals hanging out.


“Hanging On The Telephone” — Her voice is so cool.

“One Way Or Another” — This song will always make me think of Rugrats The Movie, when Angelica sings this song after losing her favorite doll, Cynthia. CYNTHIAAAA!

“11:59” — Love a fun keyboard.

“Will Anything Happen” — One of the catchiest choruses on the album.

“Heart Of Glass” — I could listen to this song over and over again. So disco! The RS blurb says that this was their stab at a Bee Gees song, and they succeeded.

“Just Go Away” — Love this growly-voice


“Fade Away And Radiate” — To my surprise, Blondie was a little too slow and ballady for me at certain points.

“Pretty Baby” — You know how some singers nowadays have that really annoying “indie voice”? Debbie Harry has “punk voice.”

“I’m Gonna Love You Too” — Why is this the song that follows “Heart Of Glass”?! The chorus is literally AH AH AH AH AH AH AH.


No, and in fact, I think Blondie should be ten or twenty spots higher. (Mainly because I want Debbie Harry to like me.)

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