Review #141: Doolittle, Pixies

Karla Clifton
2 min readAug 2, 2021

#141: Doolittle, Pixies

The Pixies, like R.E.M., are “college rock.” I actually did fall in love with this album when I was in college.

The Pixies song everyone knows is that one that was in Fight Club, “Where Is My Mind?” from their debut Surfer Rosa (#390). I’ve never heard Surfer Rosa before but it can’t possibly be better than Doolittle.

It blows my mind that I listened to this album basically on repeat for three months and yet I couldn’t name any member of the Pixies. I did know that one of the members of the Breeders was in the Pixies, but I did not know that this person was bassist Kim Deal. I also did not know that the lead singer was named Black Francis?!


“Debaser” — What even is a “debaser”? What are they shouting? Why do I care?

“Tame” — He just SCREAMS, I love it.

“Wave of Mutilation” — This soft-loud pre-grunge thing.

“I Bleed” — Kim Deal’s backing vocals are terrifying and snarky and amazing.

“Here Comes Your Man” — Remember when they cover this in (500) Days of Summer? I do. Also Black Francis wrote this when he was 15!

“Monkey Gone To Heaven” — If you’re willing to blow your voice out, you can sing along to this.

“Crackity Jones” — What a silly album.

“La La Love You” — The singer is drummer David Lovering! No joke, I thought it was Morrissey. Thank god it wasn’t.

“There Goes My Gun” — I’m all about songs with just one lyric.

“Silver” — I love that they have a slow cowboy dirge on this punk-grunge album.

“Gouge Away” — Apparently this song is about heroin.


“No 13 Baby” — Wow his vocals are tough here.


No. Can’t wait for the Fight Club album!

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