Review #136: Maggot Brain, Funkadelic

Karla Clifton
2 min readJul 27, 2021

#136: Maggot Brain, Funkadelic

As I work my way down this list, occasionally I will just read the title of whatever album I’m due to review next and know something instantly: “I’m not as cool as I think I am.” I looked at the name of this band and knew that there was some significance to them that I wasn’t going to guess in a million years.

And when I looked Funkadelic up, I found that I was right. Funkadelic is actually one-half of mastermind George Clinton’s collective Parliament-Funkadelic, the other half being (you guessed it) Parliament. Parliament makes an appearance on the list as well, so get ready to see much more of George Clinton. Actually, we’ve already seen him on album #49, Aquemini by Outkast.

Fun fact: George Clinton was sued by his bandmates a few years ago for trying to intentionally get them addicted to drugs. Wait, that’s not a fun fact at all, is it?


“Maggot Brain” — George Clinton told guitarist Eddie Hazel to “play like your Mama just died” before they did this song, and holy crap, he does.

“Can You Get To That” — I can get to that. I looked up who the amazing vocalists on this song were and it’s Isaac Hayes’ group Hot Buttered Soul. Wait, he wrote “Soul Man” and also voiced Chef on South Park? Fascinating!

“Hit It and Quit It” — That call-and-response thing.

“You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks” — This was their first single off the album, which is wild to me. So confrontational!

“Super Stupid” — This guitarist is my new favorite.

“Wars of Armageddon” — I like rock songs that are supposed to sound like the end of the world.


“Back In Our Minds” — Wow, I really hated these wild twanging vocals and that cowbell.


I think there’s an argument that Funkadelic should be higher up, but I’m pretty satisfied with this placement. Mostly I can’t get over Chef from South Park being on this record. Hello, there, children!

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