Review #117: Late Registration, Kanye West

Karla Clifton
3 min readJun 24, 2021

#117: Late Registration, Kanye West

This was released just a year after The College Dropout (#74). It’s also the third Kanye album we’ve come across, which I guess makes Kanye the best rapper ever, since that’s definitely the most of any rapper so far.

I was really thrilled to learn that Kanye apparently was really into Fiona Apple’s When The Pawn… (#108) when he was making Late Registration. In fact, that’s partly why he chose his producer, Jon Brion, who produced When The Pawn… Kanye is a Fiona Apple fan! Who knew!

This is my first time listening to Kanye albums all the way through, and I think it’s starting to get to me. Remember how I said I wasn’t voting for him? Well, I’m not too sure anymore. What’s his policy on aliens?


“Wake Up Mr. West” — This is comedian DeRay Davis, who also voices skits on Dropout.

“Heard ’Em Say” — Oh God, it’s my nemesis Adam Levine on a great song.

“Touch The Sky” — Love the “Leaving On A Jet Plane” reference.

“Gold Digger” — Impossible not to dance to this song. One of my friends in college had a crush on a boy, but then we found a video of him rapping this song, and the crush considerably cooled off.

“Skit #1” — I think Kanye might have the best skits. “SAY IT WITH ME! We can’t! Afford! No gas! So we ain’t driving!”

“Roses” — Oh god, this one made me really stressed and sad, I hate hospitals.

“Bring Me Down” — With Brandy, the best Cinderella! Okay, it’s a shame this song has such a generic title because it’s one of the best songs on this album.

“Addiction” — This one has an Etta James sample on it!

“Diamonds From Sierra Leone — Remix” — The remix has Jay-Z, but Kanye included his solo version as a bonus track. To be honest, the remix is better. Of course it is!

“We Major” — With Nas! Didn’t Nas and Jay-Z hate each other? Do you think Kanye was being cheeky by including them back to back? I like to think so.

“Hey Mama” — Aww, this is even sadder if you know anything about Kanye West’s mom.

“Skit #4”“Kanye, would you like to step forward and explain these new shoes? … Don’t you ever come back.”

“Gone” — Between all the horns and strings, this could definitely be a movie score.

“Late” — Gee, Kanye sure loves Klondike bars.


“My Way Home” — I don’t dislike this song, but minus points for the R. Kelly reference.

“Celebration” — This one is too basic. Sounds like every other 2000s song about celebrating.


I know there’s an argument that Ye shouldn’t have three top 200 albums, but it just feels wrong to demote them! Also that Brandy song has made a permanent home in my brain. I’m about to go for a run, and I’m putting that song on a loop.

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