Review #11: Revolver, The Beatles

#11: Revolver, The Beatles

Our first repeat! I’m just thrilled it was The Beatles and not Bob Dylan.

Revolver was a favorite album of mine in college, so I was excited to see it included near the top of the list. However, when the time came for me to listen to it on my road trip, I was on the home stretch of my Day 1 drive, and was ready to pass out. I was still nearly an hour away from the hotel I’d selected a few hours earlier, and I was absolutely exhausted. This album became a test of endurance.

In the middle of “Tomorrow Never Knows,” I made it to the hotel. Usually I make a point to watch some hotel TV (isn’t it weird how Shark Tank is always on?), but this time I was struggling to keep my eyes open as walked from my car to the hotel lobby. I slept for eight hours, slept like the dead.

The next morning I woke up, hopped back into my car, and fell back onto the highway.


“Eleanor Rigby” — The first time I heard this song, it really struck me that the Beatles might really be the best band ever. I’d never heard a pop song with so many strings in it before.

“Love You To” — Totally love the sitar. Wow, George Harrison wrote this song!

“Here, There and Everywhere” — Okay, I looked at the Wikipedia page for this song, and apparently Paul McCartney says that “God Only Knows” inspired this one. They do sound kind of like the Beach Boys here.

“Yellow Submarine” — No joke, I think this song is a masterpiece. It could have been written by Shel Silverstein.

“She Said, She Said” — The Black Keys do an awesome cover of this song.

“And Your Bird Can Sing” — This album’s peppiest tune, with it’s second-most whimsical lyrics.

“Doctor Roberts” — The “well well well” part of this song is magical.

“Tomorrow Never Knows” — This album is definitely about drugs.


“I’m Only Sleeping” — Imagine this song coming on when the only thing you want to do is sleep.

“Good Day Sunshine” — This one is somehow worse.


I’m going to say no. There was a point when I would have said that I liked Revolver more than Abbey Road (#5), but that isn’t true anymore. Could it be that nearly falling asleep at the wheel to the music diminished my appreciation for it? Perhaps. All I know is this is my favorite album to fall asleep to.

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