Review #100: Music From Big Pink, The Band

Karla Clifton
2 min readJun 7, 2021

#100: Music From Big Pink, The Band

Well, somehow we reached our hundredth album! Are we better for it? Are we worse for it? Do we still have four hundred albums to go? Isn’t there enough music in the world, don’t you think?!

Oh well. We press on, for no reason other than that we’ve pressed on this far.

I’ve already reviewed The Band (#57), but that one did NOT have “The Weight” on it, a song so great that I’m probably going to link it two or three more times. Why does “The Weight” feel like the song that best encapsulates the entire human experience? I ascend to a higher plane when Levon Helm, Rick Danko, and Richard Manuel do the “And-and-and” harmony.

Oh God. Do you think this is giving me brain damage?


“Tears of Rage” — Apparently Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics to this song! Way to rip off your former employer. (Just kidding, they had permission.)

“In A Station” — Ooh, very psychedelic,

“The Weight” — This song is just so, so, so good.

“We Can Talk” — Ah, a pleasant jaunty melody!

“Long Black Veil” — This is also a classic. All of their harmonies are perfect, which is rare for men.

“Chest Fever” — Thrilling church organ intro.

“Lonesome Suzie” — Oh I love Richard Manuel’s head voice.

“This Wheel’s On Fire” — Wow, for a few seconds when that keyboard is doing its solo, this could be a Grimes song.


“I Shall Be Released” — To be honest, this is kind of a lame one to end on.


No, of course not, what a ridiculous suggestion. Getting to listen to “The Weight” was my reward for getting to 100 albums.

Thank you, and here’s to 400 more.

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